CES 2018: Say Hello to Luxurious, Driverless Cars

The Consumer Electronic Show gave people a first look at the future of driverless cars.

Panasonic unveiled a fully autonomous car, which is crammed full of artificial intelligence. The Living Space Autonomous Cabin is a lap of luxury – almost like a comfortable living room on wheels.

“You can relax in the car,” said Fabien Roth of Panasonic.

The Las Vegas crowds around the car, though, were anything but relaxed.

“I think that's the part of the living room you'd like to have in your car,” Roth said.

The car boasts a 74-inch screen that doubles as a TV and an oversized sunshade.

The Bay Area has seen how driverless cars operate, but CES offered insight into how the cars will treat us as people.

“So the car knows who you are and can adapt to your needs because you're (going to) send time in the car and obviously you're not going to drive,” Roth said.

Panasonic estimates that the car is still about a decade away from being rolled out, saying it will work on how future cars see people, while we in Silicon Valley work on how those cars see the road.

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