CES 2018: Soon, Your ‘Living Room' Will Be Mobile

As if our lives aren't already full of calling out instructions to a digital assistant or smartphone, the Consumer Electronic Show gave thousands a peek into their future living rooms – at home and on the go.

Living rooms have become theaters, they’ve become dance halls, and they can transport you into virtual worlds – giving you pretty much everything you want, anytime you want it.

“The phrase ‘What's on TV tonight?’ won't exist,” said Bruce Walker of electronics company, TCL Corporation. “It'll be 'What do you feel like watching?’ Roku built in gives you the easiest way to find that content."

Enter the Living Space Autonomous Cabin, which enables your living room to go with you everywhere you drive. The vehicle features a 75-inch screen and artificial intelligence.

"You're going to interact with people, you're going to relax, and entertain yourself – not in the same way as in the living room,” said Fabien Roth of Panasonic.

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