Cesar Chavez Mural Vandalized in San Francisco’s Mission District

The artist behind the Cesar Chavez mural recently vandalized in San Francisco hopes the incident becomes a teachable moment for those responsible.

The decades-old mural sits in the city's Mission District.

Carlos Gonzalez has created art for years, including work on the mural at 24th and York streets in San Francisco. The mural was updated after Chavez passed away.

"I paid homage to Cesar and other revolutionary heroes," Gonzalez said. "He was the centerpiece, the United Farm Workers eagle."

Someone this week spray painted over the farm worker's symbol.

Gonzales, who friends call Kookie, sees it this way.

"What's been happening is the farm workers eagle has been adopted by prison gang culture," Gonzales said.

Gonzales is a former probation officer and believes rivals see it as markings to be crossed out. He's not angry, instead believes people need to be educated about the history.

Gonzales does not think the vandalism is unrelated to other murals in the neighborhood recently splattered with paint. Neighbors are upset the mural was tagged.

Gonzales plans to come out next week with friends and repair the mural with paint that was donated.

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