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Chances of Heat Stroke Rise as Temperatures Forecast To Soar During Holiday Weekend

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The extra-long weekend is bringing in some extra-hot temperatures for North and East Bay residents, with the National Weather Service issuing a heat advisory for Memorial Day.

Health professionals are advising community members to look out for symptoms of heat-related illnesses if they plan to be outdoors on Monday.

Arthur Jey, an emergency department physician for Sutter Health, said the tell-tale signs of heat exhaustion, heat stroke and other conditions first starts with feeling "red".

Excessively sweating and feeling faint are red flags, but if a person is getting too hot to even sweat, they may need to go to the hospital, Jey said.

"Stay hydrated and be aware when you start sweating, when you are getting overly heated, when you start having muscle cramps," Jey said. "Maybe slowdown, go inside and take a rest."

Jey's piece of advice? Follow the tips "your mom told you growing up," he said, which might mean putting on a big hat, applying sunscreen regularly and staying hydrated.

And beer is not an adequate form of hydration, said Jey, who suggested pairing alcoholic beverages with water while at cookouts and pool parties.

"Everything in moderation, but just be aware that when you start to drink alcohol, you're not hydrating the correct way and you are like more likely to get heat stroke, heat exhaustion and you are more likely to spend more time in the sun and kind of distract yourself," Jey said.

The temperatures are expected to peak around Tuesday, right around when residents get back to work, according to the National Weather Service.

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