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Charles Barkley Trashes San Francisco for ‘Dirtiness and Homelessness'

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Chuck is at it again.

After recently calling San Francisco "hell," Basketball Hall of Famer and current TNT "Inside the NBA" analyst Charles Barkley roasted San Francisco one more time on national television during coverage of Tuesday's Warriors-Mavericks playoff game.

Barkley, who has owned the villain role over the years with his tumultuous relationship with Dub Nation, dragged the city by the Bay into the conversation when talking about rain impacting Tuesday's Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals.

"The only bad thing about all this rain? It's not raining in San Francisco to clean up those dirty ass streets they got there," Barkley said.

Barkley went on to say "San Francisco, it’s a great city. But all that dirtiness and homelessness, you all got to clean that off the streets."

Clips of the comments have gone viral on social media, with many agreeing with Barkley.

As for the city issues Barkley highlights, it has been a topic of discussion for many locals. NBC Bay Area earlier this year launched Saving San Francisco, a streaming series searching for solutions to deep-rooted problems plaguing one of the most progressive cities in America.

Meanwhile, Barkley will likely continue his hot takes as the Warriors continue to push deeper into the postseason. He has gone back and forth with Warriors fans recently, from chanting "let's go Mavs" in front of Dub Nation prior to Game 1 and trading "you suck" barbs with fans after the game to trolling the Warriors by wearing a Boban Marjanović Dallas jersey after Game 2. Barkley and Dub Nation have developed quite the fierce rivalry.

Taylor Wirth with NBC Sports contributed to this article.

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