Charlie Sheen Wants to be Brian Wilson

Last night was the debut of the Charlie Sheen show on UStream. Dubbed "Sheen's Korner" (doesn't really roll off the tongue does it?) Sheen and a few of his friends sat in front of the camera and performed for over 100,000 people.

The show had a rickety structure, but I give them kudos for actually preparing some bits, and to Sheen for letting his buddies get involved.

In one of the segments Charlie lists people who, in his opinion, wished they were him,  and then listed three people he wished he could be for ten minutes. One of the people he said he wished he could be for ten minutes was Giants pitcher Brian Wilson.

Sheen went on to mumble something about Wilson delivering "fury, vengeance, hatred and absolute world domination," then bowed his head in silence for the man, for some reason. Last I checked, Brian Wilson isn't dead or anything.

Sheen also said Apple was "the greatest company ever." I wonder how Apple feels about the mention.

If you want to watch someone use the word "winning" so many times, it starts to lose its meaning, you can catch the replay of Charlie's Korner on his Ustream Channel.

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