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Charlie Sheen's cameo in the much-awaited sequel to 1987's "Wall Street" starts out compelling as the two stars come face-to-face with each other -- but is ultimately unsatisfying. While Douglas is back in full Gordon Gekko charisma, the scene ultimately lacks the chemistry between the two characters that sent the original to such great heights.

Sure it's only a scene, but Sheen feels out of place in that moment.  A  Los Angeles Times story from the set of "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps" sheds some light on why it might not have reached the level many would have hoped.

Sheen, who played Gekko's protege Bud Fox (and who ultimately turns against his corrupt boss) appears at a gala benefit which Gekko attends after years in prison for his Wall Street trading crimes. Because of Sheen's "Two and a Half Men" schedule, he had flown in to do the shoot the night before and would leave in the afternoon.

"He is clearly disoriented by either the travel or the setting or both, and he curses through his continually flubbed lines," the Times reports.

Sheen himself addresses the discomfort.

"I'm just trying to get my bearings," he says between takes. "It's a bit of a ghost-like thing, showing up. I just got in last night, and in a nanosecond I'm face to face with Michael and there's Oliver grinning behind the camera. It's just so weird." Adds Stone, "He said that TV cameras don't get so close to your face. It's been tough on him."

While the scene clearly came together, it lacked magic. This discomfort comes through on the screen.

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