Cheap Netbooks for a Price

Cell phone carriers eye new market

If you thought your cell phone company must be making killing based on how much they are charging you, think again.

Apparently AT&T is not charging you enough for your iPhone and Verizon feels its not charging customers what its always there network is really worth. If they were why would they be looking for a new business?

Both companies are looking to hook users into their wireless Internet service just liked they sucked us into two year cell phone contracts. Our friends at SF Gate tell us that the two cell phone giants are trying to entice customers into signing two year contracts for 3G wireless Internet service by subsidizing the cost of a netbook.

The tactic is similar to cell phone contracts. AT&T and Verizon will pick up a portion of the cost for your new ultra sleek mini laptop computer, that's just bigger than an iPhone but still small enough to carry everywhere, if you agree to pay between $40 and $60 for wireless Internet service.

The carriers are picking up about $100 on the computers with a two year contract, reducing the price to between $99 and $249, according to SF Gate. Remember you can also turn the mini PCs into mini Apple computers.

AT&T has been selling netbooks starting at $99 in in Atlanta and Philadelphia as part of a pilot program.

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