Cheating Scandal Rocks Leland High School

A student allegedly broke into classrooms and stole test information before selling it to other students at Leland High School, a district spokesperson said.

They were headed to college in just a few months, but now nine Leland High School seniors may have their admissions revoked following a cheating scandal.

A San Jose Unified School District spokeswoman told NBC Bay Area that nine students have been suspended after allegations of cheating.

Karen Fuqua says one student broke into at least two classrooms and stole test information before final exams in December.

"That's part of how it all evolved, but there was other elements to it also so we want to make sure we have all the facts before we really go forward with anything there," Fuqua said.

According to a source, that student then sold the data to his peers.

The district isn't saying what tipped Leland administrators off to the cheating last week, but student Jason Habash says he has an idea.

"They started looking at the tests and they all had the same answers and stuff. Once they caught one student, they started catching other ones," Habash said.

The senior considered the brainchild of the cheating play faces expulsion.

The district says their investigation will last another week or two.

Fuqua said so far students have been cooperative.

"Students are talking and letting them know what their involvement was or if somebody else was involved. They're really trying to bring closure to this themselves. I think some really want to get it off their chest," Fuqua said.

Fuqua says more students may have been involved. The district says their investigation will last another week or two.

Many colleges require schools to send them information on disciplinary actions. That will be one of the next steps for the students involved.

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