Check Your Computer for Malware — Or Lose Internet Access on Monday

A DNS changer virus needs to be removed from computers by Monday.

It is time to check your computer for malware. If you don't, it'll be time to lose your access to the Internet on Monday.

Enjoy playing Solitaire.

A piece of malware called DNS Changer is still active in tens of thousands of computers nationwide, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

Here are helpful links to consider visiting:

To check and clean computers:

* Comcast Warning:

* Google:

* Facebook:

Hackers based in Estonia operated a fake company called "Rove Digital" and distributed viruses "variously known as TDSS, Alureon, TidServ and TDL4 viruses," according to the FBI.

The hackers took control of 570,000 computers around the world, using a "fake online advertising scheme" to lure computer users into infecting their machines, the newspaper reported. The malware connects the computers not to normal Internet access, but to malicious access points in New York, Chicago, and Estonia.

The FBI wants to shut off those access servers, but won't until Monday in an effort to give users enough time to discover they are infected and remove the malware.

If they don't remove the malware, they'll lose Internet access on Monday and will have to contact their service provider for a way to remove the malware.

Computer users can discover more about the malware and find out if their computers are infected at

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