Cheers to Marin's-Own Eco-Tini

"Why does America buy into this 100-times distilled, diamond-filtered vodka crap? If it were really that pure, it would be organic!"

Allison Evanow, founder of Square One Organic Spirits, takes her passion seriously.  So do her many fans across the country.

Evanow, a resident of Marin county, is a self-proclaimed "Farmer's Market loyalist" with a long background in the industry. Before starting her own company, she was the Vice President of marketing at one of Northern California's most successful wineries.

Inspired by her own community’s embrace of its land and commitment to naturally-grown foods, Evanow created Square One Organic Spirits.

"This product is for foodies like me who really pay attention not just the ingredients, but to the origin of food and everything that surrounds it. It was time to take it back to square one."

From the farm to the bottle, Evanow personally saw to it that her product was as green as it gets. 

"I didn't just want to create an organic spirit, I wanted to produce a product that represents the lifestyle of me and of my community completely.  It was something that no one else in the field was doing." Evanow explained.

The USDA organic certified rye that Square One is made of, is grown at a  farm in North Dakota where it receives fresh spring water, chemical-free compost and lots of TLC.

Most vodkas are made with corn or potato, which is much cheaper and easier to grow.

When the organic grain is mature, it's taken to a distillery where it's meticulously processed on wind-generated power.

The care for the crop really comes through in flavor.

Comparing a vodka that you've had before to Square One Organic Vodka would be like comparing the over-ripened Roma you'd find in a chain supermarket to the plump, juicy vine tomato you'd find in a farmer's crate.

There is no comparing. They're two different worlds.

Square One's bottle is made of recycled materials. The label, printed with soy ink, is made of bamboo, sugar cane, pulp and cotton.

The spirits have proven to be a hot item among vodka connoisseurs and the eco-conscious.

You can find Square One in original, Cucumber, and Botanical flavors at your local BevMo, and at most fine wine and liquor stores.

Check out the website for Evanow's signature cocktail recipes.

The Square One Cucumber-tini made with Sungold cherry tomatoes, fresh basil and Meyer lemon juice is said to be a fan fave.


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