'Chief Risk Officer' Convicted of Embezzlement Used Money for Golf, Gambling

A Walnut Creek Man employed as the chief risk officer for an East Bay construction firm was found guilty Friday of four felonies in connection with an embezzlement scheme, according to prosecutors.

Edward Miller of Albert D. Seeno Construction used shell corporations to funnel money into his personal accounts, using fraudulent invoices to solicit checks payable to the companies he created. He also claimed business expenses to avoid paying income tax on that money, prosecutors said.

Miller apparently used the money for golf and gambling at multiple casinos in Reno and Las Vegas, Nevada.

"This jury had to follow money moving across multiple bank accounts, and had to listen to testimony about issues of civil litigation, business formation, and interpersonal dealings within a corporate structure," Deputy District Attorney Adam Wilks said in a statement Tuesday afternoon.

"The verdict in this case speaks volumes about our community, and specifically to those who sacrificed their time to be on this jury, have the sincere thanks of the Contra Costa County DA's Office," Wilks said.

Miller is scheduled for sentencing this fall in Martinez before Judge Rebecca Hardie.

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