Child With Rock Cracks Glass Viewing Window at Oakland Zoo’s Bear Exhibit

'There is no way this glass, even shattered, will break,' the zoo said

A child armed with a rock managed to crack a glass viewing window at the Oakland Zoo's bear exhibit, but the zoo insists the glass will not break before repairs are made next month.

The child, belonging to a visitor at the zoo, "repeatedly smashed a rock against the glass with such force that it shattered the laminate layer of the four inch-thick panes," the zoo said in a statement.

The zoo said "there is no way this glass, even shattered, will break," adding that the viewing window is bulletproof.

u/TheSplashFamily via Reddit

Another zoo guest reported the cracked window to zoo staff, according to the zoo.

A new glass pane cost the zoo $67,000. It is set to be installed the second week of December, the zoo said.

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