Chinese Students Upset With Apple Store in Library

China may be a Communist society but there are still certain public institutions that are beyond corporate corruption.

At China's prestigious Peking University, students are upset about an Apple "store" that has opened up in the middle of the school's library.

"Learning and shops should be separate," one student told M.I.C Gadget. "Why opening an Apple shop inside a library? Isn’t this a promotion strategy of Apple?"

Technically the store is not a store. It is actually an "Apple Experience Center," which simply is meant to display the items. University officials say they have worked with the Cupertino-based company.

The center has iMacs, MacBooks, iPhone cases and accessories but none of the items have associated price tags.

That is because they are not technically for sale through the center. Instead the center is suppose to expose students to the Apple products so they can get first hand information, in case they later want to order the products from a separate site.

Still in some places of the world, people would kill to have a real Apple Store to go into and "study" Apple products.

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