Busted: Driver Faces Ticket For Using Fake Child in I-80 Carpool Lane

Another day, another attempt to skirt carpool rules on a Bay Area freeway.

California Highway Patrol officers in Oakland pulled over a driver along westbound Interstate 80 last week and found a child-sized doll, clad in a pink hoodie, jeans and sneakers, resting in the back seat. At quick glance, the doll could pass as a human, but there was one significant problem. The seatbelt's shoulder restraint was pinned behind the doll.

Officers took to social media to offer a message to the driver and those attempting to break carpool rules.

"If you're going to use a fake child to avoid carpool rules, at least buckle them in properly! #AttentionToDetail #Busted," a tweet from CHP Oakland read.

The driver faces a $500 fine for violating the freeway's three-person carpool rule, according to the CHP.

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