CHP Trying to Solve Mystery on State Route 24 After Dozens of Cars Damaged

The California Highway Patrol is warning East Bay drivers that near two dozen cars along State Route 24 have been beaned by unknown objects that have shattered windows, mirrors and sunroofs.

Officers suspect that someone is throwing items from an overpass near Interstate 680.

Harvey Stein thought bullets hit his brand new Mercedes on Friday.

“It felt like a gunshot,” the Orinda man said. “It felt like the car had been hit with a bullet.”

Stein was driving along SR 24 through Lafayette when something cracked the windshield of his car.

The disgruntled man said that this has happened twice – the last time was two weeks ago. Both times, he was driving near the El Curtola overpass where SR 24 meets I-680.

CHP officer Brandon Correia said at least 25 other cars have reported similar issues since December, but no one knows why it’s happening.

“We are very concerned about it,” he said.

Correia assured the public, however, that cars are not being shot at.

“I can tell you it’s not bullets. It’s not shots because none of that has been found. There is no evidence that proves it,” he said.

At Genesis Auto Glass, Sunroofs and Upholstery, workers have noticed an uptick in the number of cars needing cracked window repairs. And they were all hit in the same area.

“They don’t know. They are just driving and a random crack happens,” James Cruz said.

Stein just hopes the damage stops before a driver gets seriously hurt.

It is “dangerous, remarkably dangerous,” he said.

The CHP is hoping information from the public can help them figure out what is happening. Officers are urging drivers to report incidents and include where and when their cars were hit.

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