CHP: Father Takes Children After Stabbing Their Mother

AMBER Alert in effect

An AMBER alert is in effect for much of the state after police say a man abducted his children and may be on the way to the Bay Area.

California Highway Patrol Officer Trent Cross said Jose Barraza Orellana stabbed the mother of his children then pushed her out of their vehicle and drove away with their two children.

The children are Julisa Orellana, 3, and Eduardo Orellana, 7.

The CHP says Orellana is traveling with his children in a light gray Toyota pickup truck with a camper shell with license plate 6E70253.

A driver in Antioch at about 6 a.m. reported seeing a vehicle matching the description and saw the that the three digits of the license plate also matched.  The CHP confirms the sighting and is investigating.

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