Chris Kohrs, San Francisco's “Hot Cop of Castro,” Sets Social Media on Fire

Move over, "Fine Felon" Jeremy Meeks.

Social media fans now have someone on the right side of the law to love in the form of the "Hot Cop of Castro," also known as San Francisco Police Officer Chris Kohrs.

The cop's admirers began when writer and amateur photographer Mark Abramson captured on his iPhone the 6-year veteran guarding a construction zone in San Francisco's Castro District. Photos of Kohr took off by getting reposted on Facebook.

(Editor’s note: SFPD’s public information officer wants to clarify that Kohrs “does not work in the Castro district, never has. He was only there once to patrol a construction site. He works the park district.”)

"He's so amazing-looking, but also radiates," Abramson said. "Really charming and warm and nice. He's a great guy."

Nathan Tatterson was such a big fan he started a Facebook fan page for Kohrs. The Facebook page, created about two weeks ago, was nearing 13,000 "likes" late Wednesday.

"Chris himself is not on Facebook. So no one had a forum for them to show their appreciation for him," Tatterson said. "So I thought it would be fun to create one. It took five minutes. No big deal. That got the ball rolling."

Kohrs' presence in the Castro appears to be smoothing out the police department's relationship with San Francisco's LGBT community.

"We need to have police presence, and then having someone so good-looking doesn't hurt," San Francisco resident Michael Juncker said.

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