‘Christmas Miracle': Costco Employees Help Reunite Woman With Lost Wedding Ring

A Mountain View woman is calling it a Christmas miracle. She lost her late husband's wedding ring at Costco and lost all hope. But employees got to work to save the day.

Keri Rhineer-Heaton will never forget her late husband CJ, who was hit and killed while cycling on Valentine's Day seven years ago. His birthday was Tuesday and she was wearing his ring to honor him.

"You just take everything in life and cherish it, so this is the one thing that I hold near and dear to my heart," Rhineer-Heaton said.

For no reason at all that day, she stopped by the nearby Costco to just look around, but left empy handed.

"The moment I realized it was gone, my heart just dropped," Rhineer-Heaton said.

NBC Bay Area's Ian Cull has more in the video report above.

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