San Francisco

Chunks of Concrete Fall From Interstate 80 in San Francisco

Chunks of concrete on a sidewalk prompted San Francisco police and Caltrans to shut down a stretch of roadway underneath Interstate 80 heading towards the Bay Bridge Tuesday.

Police officers driving by noticed chunks of concrete on the sidewalk around 6 p.m. and immediately closed off the area and called for help.

Caltrans inspected the portion of the overpass located over Harriet Street near the Hall of Justice in San Francisco and determined it was safe, officials said.

"We do not deem we do not have any structural integrity issues or damage to the bridge," said Lindsey Hart from Caltrans. "There was no damage to anyone below. It is still safe and open to the public and we went ahead and inspected the area and cleared it."

Falling concrete closed the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge in February, damaging the front end of a car. In this case, Caltrans said it isn’t sure what happened but they said Harriet Street and I-80 are safe.

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