Circus Troupe Inspired Clothing

At some point, every lad dreams of joining the circus -- the great beasts, the acrobatics, strutting around in cool stripey trousers and top hats -- but once the drudgery of picking up dog poop foreshadows a grim future of elephant poop, he sits down and does that book report. Combining pieces of that lost dream with the trappings of wearable reality, Nice Collective.
Going strong after 13 years of designing/constructing accessibly edgy threads here in SF, Nice's spring offering's loosely styled after the aesthetics of a troupe of circus folk and "renegade Vaudeville performers", as opposed to those circus folk and Vaudeville performers who spend their days making sure you did your deductions correctly.

Perhaps most thematically steezed're the button-ups, from the subtle brown Showman w/ maroon tux-style placket detailing, to a slim-fit short sleeve number in wrinkled plaid cotton w/ loopy epaulets, to an ultra-light, loose-hanging/elbow-patched striped shacket in Japanese gauze, handy for tending to lacerations suffered while enjoying superior video games and cell phones to Americans.

Outerwear-wise, there's a host of far-flung options, like the two-toned, washed leather Vaudeville jacket (w/ vertical breast zips and detachable fabric hood), the worn-looking, zip-and-button-up peacoat in water-resistant belted cotton, and the Cirque sweater w/ horizontal striped cuffs and extended sleeves, which make Mr. Fantastic look...fantastic!

Since even carnies wear pants, Nice's got several down-below numbers, like dressy lightweight cotton suit pants in grey and dove, and the black w/ white pinstripes drawstring Luxe pants for lounging about, walking the dog, or casually pretending its not yours when it poops.

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