City College Classes Canceled: Students Stunned

You know things are bad for the public education system when they are cancelling summer school. But that is just what San Francisco City College is doing to save $4 million.

The decision to cancel summer school is expected to impact about 2,000 students but it trims a third off of the school's looming budget gap of $12  million.

But the school is not going to find a sympathetic ear from its students. The students have been forced to pay higher fees in recent years and many have struggled to get the classes they need because the school has already rolled back course offerings during the normal term.

Students hoping to finish their couse work at another community college are probably out of luck.

Few schools are immune to budget shortfalls, with heavyweights like Berkeley even being forced to make cuts. Making matters worse, community colleges give priority registration to students already enrolled in the school and admission during a recession goes up.

Students best option may be holding out hope that the University of San Francisco extends its half off step up program to community college students. But that will still cost students used to community college prices up to $560 a unit.

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