City of San Mateo Inspecting Bed-Bug Infested Apartments

The city of San Mateo is taking action after people living in the Bay Terrace Apartments say management and the property owner haven’t responded to multiple complaints about bed bugs, rats and sewage issues.

"It's disgusting to go downstairs and see roaches everywhere, microwave, everywhere," said resident Rozia Benavives.

Mayra Maldonado, who pays $3,000 a month, said sewage has bubbled up in her sink and a broken pipe is exposed in her yard.

"She said it’s horrible, unbelievable," said neighbor Francisco Chantres. "She has kids."

San Mateo inspectors took a look at the apartments Tuesday, red-tagging Maldonado’s unit.

"We found that to be an immediate threat to health and safety not only insects but sewage issues that pose a health hazard," said San Mateo Deputy Fire Chief Ray Iverson.

Maldonado said the property manager gave her money for a hotel, meanwhile property owner UDR Apartments has 24 hours to fix the sewage issue and five days to provide a certified inspector’s report saying nine bug-infested apartments have been treated.

"Justice is coming," said Chantres.

Chantres said that people who were once afraid to call the city for help are now eager for inspectors to see their apartment.

NBC Bay Area reached out to UDR but did not hear back.

The management company is getting a bill for the inspector’s work which is up to $10,000 so far.

Additional fines and penalties will be added on if the problems are not corrected.

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