City Puts Dolores Park Battle Online

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Josh Keppel

Hipsters everywhere: breathe easy. Go ahead and let your plaid panties out of a bunch.

The San Francisco Recreation and Park department has launched a website to keep tabs on all the future construction at Dolores Park.

The City caused an uproar when word leaked that the popular park -- in dire need of updating from its bathrooms to its failing playgrounds -- would be closed for a year and half while the park finally went under the knife.

Facebook groups were started to protest the move and the City hired an expensive PR firm to smooth things over with the angry mobs.

But now, in a move that may not calm anyone, Rec and Park launched as part of its plan to eventually get all capital projects online. The site has an FAQ, a calendar and soon it will have renderings of what the park will look like post Heidi Montag treatment.

And if all that is still not good enough to  make you feel better, the site lists the contacts of people at the Recreation and Park Department you can talk to prominently on the site. Lucky for you, neither is named Tom Haverford.

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