City Hall's Dream of Dreams: Become the Louvre

Another day, another Civic Center story. Yesterday Gavin Newsom gathered his people to talk up the the revitalization— nay, the Louvrification!— of Civic Center Plaza. Seems he mostly summed up some recent, but not entirely new stuff, all in the name of imitating "a much more beautiful garden that adorns the area (outside the Louvre)."

Gotta admire the audacity. (And the turnaround! Just back from Paris and already turning City Hall into the Louvre?)

Anyway, the improvements: the previously mentioned tree sculptures, new planters (spotted first by LIVININTHELOIN) undoubtedly filled with native species, and also the green median and new BART railing as previously discussed. Plus: an outdoor cafe, with tables and chairs?

We assume this is forthcoming, as there didn't seem to be any evidence of tables and chairs anywhere this morning, much less people willing to while their time away sipping coffee in the plaza. Civic Center wayfarers: welcome to the Louvre.

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