City's Latest Street Food Trend Packs a Punch

The Kung Fu taco truck serves up strange delights

Things in American culture that profess to be "Asian-inspired" often miss the mark. Take for example the Beijing Beef from Panda Express, and tattoos that are supposed to mean "Imagine" but really mean "catballs." Bucking the trend, the Kung Fu Taco Truck.

Brought to you by a man named Tan and his computer programmer buddy (naturally), Kung Fu lovingly applies delectable eastern tweaks to the Bay's most ubiquitous grub on wheels.

They serve their delights at lunchtime out the window of a jumbo food truck that's painted yellow (we're not touching that one).

The price is right: "regular" tacos are just $2 , and include marinated Asian Asada with carrot, cilantro, and spicy homemade salsa.

They also serve grilled gingery/garlicy Nun Chuck Chicken, garnished the same way, and the Mu Shu taco stuffed with fresh sauteed veggies and shitake and cloud ear mushrooms, which you haven't experienced since Tommy suplexed you in JV wrestling.

Special numbers include the crispy, skinned roast duck with green onion and hoisin in a rolled Chinese pancake and the Wu Chu Char Sui -- a glazed BBQ pork taco with mango and green papaya, and a "secret Sriracha sauce," which may or may not be Sriracha.

For now Kung Fu's posting up at one FiDi corner on weekdays, but get at their Twitter feed for future locations.

Also in the mix, Kung Fu catering for your private parties -- can you even imagine a better way to commemorate the unveiling of your new cattoo?

You can find the truck between 11 a.m. and 2:30 p.m., Monday through Friday at Sansome and Jackson streets in San Francisco's Financial District.

San Francisco Thrillist contributed to this story.

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