City's Newest Street Vendor Struggling to Make Friends

It seems the City's newest mobile food vendor is having some problems in its old neighborhood.

Business owners in Burlingame want the Curry Up Now truck kicked off the streets because they say the mobile curry selling machine is stealing business from them.

The city is not quite sure what to do. Burlingame sent out a questionnaires to its residents to "see if they thought mobile food vendors hurt or benefited the city," according to Eater SF.

The converted taco truck currently makes stops at several business parks in the Peninsula and starting early next year it will sling spicy curry on the streets of San Francisco as well.

Burlingame does not currently have a ban on street food as long as the vendor has all the necessary permits to sell.

Curry Up Now says it hopes to start serving Indian inspired burritos and traditional Indian hand foods in the Financial District, near Levi's Plaza and possibly a location in SoMa. There could also be an evening stop in the Mission, on Valencia between 18th and 19th streets.

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