Civil Rights Attorney Looking Into Oakland Police In-Custody Death Involving Taser

The family of a man who died while in Oakland police custody after being Tased has contacted a civil rights attorney.

Oakland-based lawyer John Burris said he wants to get to the bottom of what happened.

Meanwhile, the Oakland Police Department said the in-custody death is being investigated by both the homicide unit and internal affairs.

Paulo Couto witnessed Thursday's incident. He said after a traffic collision just outside his workplace on Oakland's Foothill Boulevard, a driver took off running and got combative with police officers who tried to put him in a patrol car.

Couto said the man was screaming "No, I don't want to go inside. Don't take me. Help me! Help me!"

The officers ended up using a Taser on the man, who later died at a hospital.

"All I know is a person is dead and a Taser was used," Burris said. "The question to me is was a Taser used properly and did it contribute to his death?"

The Alameda County District Attorney’s Office also is conducting an independent investigation.

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