Classes Resume at Oikos

It will not be a normal day in class for Oikos studnets.

Classes resume Monday morning at Oikos University in Oakland.

The reopening comes three weeks after a gunman opened fire inside the school killing seven people.

Not all of the students are returning to the building where the shooting happened. The nursing students will be attending classes at Unitek College in Fremont.

The rest of the student body will resume classes in the very building where the killing happened.

Mark Steinberg is a neuro-psychologist who specializes in treating trauma.

He says its likely most of the school's 100 or so students are experiencing some level of post traumatic stress.

"It’s a terrible tragedy. This man is now locked up.  It’s not likely to happen again. But that doesn’t stop the emotional seed from replaying this event," Steinberg said.

The suspect is a former student named One L Goh. He is behind bars and facing seven counts of murder, three counts of attempted murder and other charges in connection with the 10:30 a.m. shooting. He apparently had a grudge against the school because it would not refund his tuition after he dropped out of class last fall.

Those killed were Lydia Sim, Sonam Choedon, Grace Kim, Doris Chibuko, Judith Seymour, Tshering Bhutia, and Katleen Ping. Three other people were injured but survived.

Oikos has held a series of memorial services in honor of the victims. 

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