Napa County

‘We Can Overcome Anything': Classes Resume in Napa County Following Deadly North Bay Wildfires

All schools in Napa County reopened Monday following deadly wildfires that ripped through the region.

Students arriving to class showed relief, happiness and strength in being together. Signs in classrooms also features messages like "Welcome Back" and "Napa Strong."

Schools in the county were able to reopen thanks to cleaner air and no signs of smoke, a stark contrast from just two weeks ago as fires raged, threatening the communities.

"It was really bad, thick," high school senior Ulysses Sid said, adding the smoke made it hard to breathe and see.

Schools have set up rooms with counselors for anyone who needs to talk -- those emotions may come out later, but students and staff said they want to help.

"Just checking in on people is important," student Maliya Blackmon said. 

Napa High School Principal Annie Petrie added "The general sense with the kids is we can overcome anything."

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