Cliff-Hanger: Pacifica Building Owner Given Deadline Extension

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The owners of two apartment buildings atop an eroding cliff in Pacifica will have additional time to decide whether to formulate a plan to  save the apartments or demolish them all together.

The deadline to have the plan submitted to stop the apartment at 320 Esplanade Ave. from tumbling into the ocean or to opt to have the building torn down was Thursday, but a 30-day extension was granted, Pacifica building official Doug Rider said.

The owner of the apartment building at 330 Esplanade Ave., where residents were forced to evacuate in December of last year due to the crumbling cliff, has been trying to repair the cliff beneath the building and a set deadline has not been imposed for that owner, according to Rider.

He said himself, the city manager and city attorney decided today to grant the extension for 320 Esplanade Ave.

"They're actively trying to figure out how to finance (the  repairs)," Rider said, citing the reason for the extension.

Residents of 320 Esplanade Ave. were also forced to evacuate in April due to the cliff's instability.

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