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Climate Activists Protest Outside Chevron Headquarters in San Ramon

Hundreds of climate activists, including a number of students, protested outside Chevron's corporate headquarters in San Ramon Friday morning, demanding that the company stop using fossil fuels.

Teenagers and adults, along with the grim reaper and trees, lined the front entrance to the company's campus as they clamored for action.

"Our futures are on the line," student Isha Clarke said. "Our lives are on the line. Our planet is on the line. And while school and education is important, none of that matters if we don't have a planet to live on or lives to live."

Others in attendance disagreed, holding up signs arguing that climate change is a lie.

"The seas are not rising, expect if you consider one-eighth on an inch a year, which would take 100 years to rise a foot," anti-protester Don Grundmann said. "So the sky is not falling."

Sean Comey, a spokesperson for Chevron, said the company is taking action to lower greenhouse production.

"We believe climate change is real and that human activity, including the use of our products, contributes to this situation," Comey said. "We've invested more than a billion dollars into carbon capture and storage projects in Australia and Canada, which collectively will reduce greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to more than 600,000 U.S. homes per year."

Last Friday, people across the Bay Area and around the world took to the streets for climate strike protests, demanding that leaders take action on climate change.

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