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As Drought Grows, Which Plants Survive and Resist Fire?

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We did manage to get some late season rain but it did nothing for our drought. 59.64% of California remains in an extreme drought as our rain season is running -1.00 to -7.00” behind and our snowpack only finished at 42% of normal. Climate change and La Niña helped contribute to this drying trend. You’ll see in the photos below how all of California is now in drought with the Bay Area under severe levels.

While we obviously can’t stop the drought from happening we can do things to prepare for the side effects in your home landscaping. Checkout our list below and you’ll see a list of a few plants that are not only drought tolerant but are also considered fire resistant! This includes manzanita, star jasmine, rockrose, ice plant & myoporum. Ice plant and myoporum could be particularly helpful to people looking for groundcover that live on a hill.

The good news, new research shows we can all make a difference and avoid climate consequences from getting worse with substantial cuts in emissions and greenhouse gases. This is something we can all participate in by lowering our carbon footprint. You can find out more about our changing climate and all of our stories in this link.

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