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Climate Focus: ‘Unprecedented' Protection for US Land, Oceans

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President Joe Biden has made climate change action one of his top priorities for his presidency. One very ambitious plan is to make 30% of our country conservation land by the year 2030.

As of now about 18% of land is considered protected land. It will take the size of California four times over to reach that goal.

Dr. Brashares, professor of the Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management at UC Berkeley, says: "In recent surveys, over 80% of both Republicans and Democrats and everyone all along and in between are very supportive of healthy nature. And a big part of that is being able to access it and certainly having access to green space, not just in wilderness areas, but in our urban areas."

The plan also includes protecting 30% of the ocean as well.

Kari Hall has the full interview with Dr. Brashares in the video above.

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