Climate Groups Urge Action Against Pollution as Earth Day Approaches

NBC Universal, Inc.

Atmospheric rivers, rapidly intensifing storms, high winds and flooding are unwelcome reminders of the recent past but also signs of things to come unless we take climate change action.

Scientists surely believe it, but groups like the Surfrider Foundation see firsthand the battered coastlines, litter, even leaked sewage in our waterways, and they're urging us all to take action this climate month.

"Every time you pick up a plastic bottle, you’re really having a large carbon footprint," said Stefanie Sekich, senior manager with the Coast and Climate Initiative. "Are we looking at natural ways to protect our communities from these increasing storms and sea level rise?"

Next week, as we approach Earth Day, NBC Bay Area will cover all angles of how climate change is affecting our region. We’re offering solutions and what you can do to lessen your impact to restore our planet.

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