climate hack Mar 1

Climate Hack: Cotton Round Conundrum

Most of us have used them before and some of us might even have a jar on the bathroom counter. We’re talking about cotton rounds. But they don’t break down easily and we’re creating lots of waste ever...

  • climate in crisis Feb 13

    Climate Hack: Paper Towel Mess

    Sometimes, life gets messy. And when we go to clean things up most of us grab the roll of paper towels. But when we do that, we’re killing thousands of trees. There’s a simple swap you can make the next time you go to clean up a mess that will help save those trees!

  • climate in crisis Feb 13

    Climate Hack: Dirty Dishes, Dirty Planet

    When we go to do the dishes, most of us reach for dish soap in those plastic bottles. And when the bottles are empty, pieces of them end up in the ocean instead of getting recycled. Switching to bars of dish soap can help eliminate plastic waste, keeping our oceans a bit cleaner.

  • climate in crisis Feb 6

    Climate Hack: Piles of Paper

    Between the water bills, light bills and all the junk mail – we throw away a lot of paper. The average American tosses 13,000 pounds of paper a year, most of which is junk mail. But there’s something you can do to help cut down on the amount of paper being printed in the first place.

  • climate hacks Feb 2

    Climate Hack: Use Just One

    Laundry detergent bottles are floating around in the ocean and filling up landfills. But there’s something you can do to help make sure fewer bottles end up in the wrong place – buy one bottle that you refill. If everyone living in San Jose made the switch to reusable laundry bottles, we’d save 12 million plastic bottles in just a…...
  • climate hacks Feb 20

    Climate Hack: Hair Tie Headaches

    More than 20,000 pounds of elastic end up in landfills each day and it takes years to break down. A lot of that comes from those elastic hair ties. But there’s something you can use instead that’s sturdier in your hair and better for the environment. 

  • climate hacks Feb 2

    Climate Hack: Toothbrush Trash

    Plastic toothbrushes help keep our teeth clean, but they’re cluttering up the ocean. What if you switch to using an electric toothbrush? Or even one made out of bamboo? We’ll break down how many plastic toothbrushes you could keep out of the environment in your lifetime.

  • climate hacks Feb 2

    Climate Hack: Trash Bags Are Trashing the Planet

    We use plastic trash bags to collect garbage and make sure it doesn’t end up in the streets. But those bags are actually hurting our wildlife. There’s a change we can all make that will help. We’ll explain the benefits of switching to compostable trash bags.

  • climate hacks Feb 2

    Climate Hack: Coffee Cup Crisis

    Sixteen billion disposable coffee cups are used each year. Most of them can’t even be recycled. There’s a change you can make when you pour a cup of joe that won’t cost you anything and will help reduce our carbon footprint.

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