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Climate in Crisis: Warming Causes Animal Extinction

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Scientists are finding that plants and animals are becoming extinct at alarming levels due to their inability to adapt to our rapidly changing climate.

Some estimates are that 47% of local species have become extinct in recent years in studies done around the world. Scientists are also finding that plant and animal species are being found in higher elevations and higher latitudes than in the past.

While the outlook is grim for the future as temperatures continue to warm, we do have the power to change how many more species will disappear.

Dr. John Wiens, ecology and evolutionary biology professor at the University of Arizona, says: "If we can keep climate change below 1.5 degree Celsius, keep it down to that level, we’re losing 1 of 6 species, which is horrible, but it’s a lot better than the alternatives. There are scenarios where we could lose half the plant and animal species on the planet. Which of those futures come to pass are really up to us."

Watch the full interview with Dr. Wiens in the video above.

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