climate in crisis

Climate in Crisis: Wildlife Faces Extinction from Climate Change

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Animals are being threatened by hotter temperatures, sea level rise and wildfires. Biologists estimate that 35% of plants and animals may become extinct by 2050.

Here are a few of the most endangered animals in the Bay Area:

  • The Blue Copper Butterfly calls the Sonoma coast and Sierra home and relies on the cool weather. They are one of 20 other endangered butterfly species.
  • The Wilson’s Warbler is among 72 highly threatened birds due to warming temperatures and destroyed habitats.
  • The "Pacific Blob" and warmer temperatures have endangered 50% of sea and freshwater fish.
  • Dungeness crab is highly endangered due to ocean acidification.

Find out how you can help by checking out the National Audubon Society and California National Park Service.

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