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Making a Difference: Company Uses 3D Printers to Make Home Construction Greener

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When we typically talk about going green in your house, we talk about what to do after you buy. Think solar panels, tankless water heaters, that sort of thing.

But now a Bay Area company has a way to go green when you build your house: have it printed via a 3D printer.

Mighty Buildings cranks out big panels and other parts in its Oakland warehouse. They've just completed construction on several houses in California, and you'd have no idea they were done with much less energy, materials and waste.

"Because we're doing 3D printing, we're able to print exactly what's needed," Sam Ruben, Mighty Buildings' chief sustainability officer, said. "So, that's one of the key ways that we're eliminating about three to five pounds per square foot."

For a whole house, that means as much as two tons of waste that was never created, and it keeps costs down by a bit, too. And now that you've got a greener house, you can put those panels on the roof.

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