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Making a Difference: Delivering Life-Saving Vaccines in a Green Way

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When Pfizer announced its new COVID-19 vaccine, it came with a big caveat: The vials had to be shipped and stored in containers at 80 degrees below zero.

That challenge was taken on by a Bay Area company determined to get the job done in a green way.

Vericool, based in Livermore, found a way — after many, many trials — to build a container not only capable of extreme temperatures, but 100% recyclable and compostable.

While the typical petroleum-based container stays in our environment for hundreds of years, Vericool leaves nothing behind and nothing to waste.

"It's light, it's high-performing," CEO Darrel Jobe said. "Can we create something that's light, that's high-performing, that's made out of a plant-based material? That's what we've done."

They did, and it may soon be the one delivering your shot. 

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