Making a Difference: Using Your Car to Power Your Home

NBC Universal, Inc.

We know electric cars can help power the planet in a cleaner way. But can they also power your house? Lucid Motors is planning on it.

The Newark-based company, soon to release its maiden "Air" electric vehicle, says, with a few tweaks, you should eventually be able to power your house with your car battery while it's parked in your garage.

The idea of powering your house with your car is catching on, both in Silicon Valley and in China. As batteries get more powerful, you'll have a lot more juice left after you drive home.

"I can charge my car in my home while the sun is up and my solar system is producing electrons," Eric Bach, Lucid's vice president of hardware engineering, said. "Then, in the evening, I keep my car in the garage and now I feed back those electrons into my home and power my home appliances, all the lighting."

It'll take some time before this happens — and a lot of money. The initial Lucid "Air" will cost more than $160,000. Like Tesla, Lucid says it will gradually produce less expensive cars over time.

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