NASA Scientists Looking at New Technology to Fight Wildfires

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After several seasons of deadly wildfires, NASA wants to put high-tech eyes in the sky to better track the way fires move.

"Especially with the satellites that measure the whole planet, and can observe the planet over long periods of time. Some of the folks here at AMES are using the sub-orbital assets to study, with better resolution, the fires," said Laura Iraci, a research scientist at NASA Ames.

Those sub-orbital assets include unmanned planes, used to carry firefighting gear to dangerous areas and drones that are capable of moving cameras and weather equipment into small dangerous places, without risking human lives.

"And they use different technologies to identify wildfires with thermal imaging or infrared, or we use scientific payloads to track and monitor as well," said Zach Roberts, Aeronautics project chief.

NASA said the aircraft will be used more than ever this summer, as climate change makes fire seasons less predictable, longer burning, and more dangerous than ever.

Scott Budman has more in the video above.

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