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Study Finds Marine Warming is Damaging Ecosystems

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Research scientists are finding that warmer temperatures are having a profound impact on ocean life. A slight increase in temperature can throw the whole marine ecosystem off balance.

PLOS One published a study by Kisei Tanaka and Kyle S. Van Houtan revealing that marine heat extremes may become the norm. The most alarming warming change is occurring in subtropical and midlatitude regions of the far south Atlantic and Indian basins northward.

Coral reefs are close to their thermal tolerance causing them to lose color and affect the sea life. The shifts in ecosystems may be permanent as ocean heat waves occur more often.

Andre Boustany, principal investigator fisheries with Monterey Bay Aquarium, talks to meteorologist Kari Hall about the migration of sea life, the Pacific Blob and how you can help.

Watch the full interview above.

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