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Sunnyvale Artist Raises Awareness About Climate Change

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Art often takes its cues from nature, and for artist Michele Guieu, nature also supplies the materials.

The French artist lives in Sunnyvale. She finds inspiration in the environment, though sometimes in her art beauty is not always pretty. The common thread in her work is raising awareness about the threat of climate change.

“[Climate change] is linked to education, it is linked to the finance aspect of our society, it is linked to everything,” Guieu said.

In the pandemic, she sees a wakeup call.

“One little virus can jeopardize the balance of everything,” she said.

To help raise awareness about the threat of the climate crisis, Guieu started the “What’s Next for Earth” project on Instagram.

She invited artists from around the world to post art reflecting the state of the world, and a path for the future.

Guieu’s project was adopted by Stanford’s Millennial Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere which raises awareness about the human impact on Earth.



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