This City Is Using 54% Less Water as Extreme Weather Increases

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From droughts to floods to wildfires, many of us have experienced some sort of extreme California weather. Look at the data below and you can see the trend of extreme weather has been on a steady climb over the past few decades. This has meant more heat waves, drought and extreme rain events. In the tropics this has also lead to more intense hurricanes.

The two extreme events we are dealing with most often are of course wildfires and drought. Some good news to report though, year to year we are seeing many Bay Area cities conserve water. The chart shows Healdsburg is doing the best and using 54% less water from July 2020 to July 2021. Such an incredible feat for Healdsburg. However, Santa Clara is using 5% more water. It will be most important, especially in the South Bay to keep conservation numbers going as the South Bay historically receives less rain when we finally do get storms moving into the Bay Area.

If you’re looking to save water and money, I put together some simple tips of things you can start thinking about to lower your water usage. What about rain chances? Our rain season starts October 1st and there is promise in the forecast for Mid-October rain in the Bay Area. More to come as we get closer.

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