Peninsula Open Space Trust

Climbing Mindego Hill

We’ll soak up sensational scenery from Audrey’s Way, named for the long-time, legendary leader of the Peninsula Open Space Trust, Audrey Rust.  We’ll learn that much of the land we can see from Audrey’s Way in the hills west of Silicon Valley has been protected by POST with the generous support of local people for over four decades. We’ll then climb to the summit of nearby Mindego Hill, part of a new preserve saved by POST that’s opening to the public in early 2016 and managed by the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District.  Along the way, we’ll find out about the preserve’s rich human and natural history and why cattle will continue to graze on this old ranch and be able to live in harmony with endangered species such as the San Francisco Gartner Snake and all us who come to visit.  At the summit of Mindego Hill… we’ll celebrate the success of our short hike and marvel at brand new vistas we’ll all be able to see for ourselves for the very first time.


Mindego Gateway Project

Midpeninsula Open Space District

Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST)

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