Clintons, Marshawn Lynch Cheer on East Bay Students at Community Cleanup

President Bill Clinton and daughter Chelsea led an East Bay community improvement project Sunday, cheering on students who planted trees, painted murals and spruced up an oft-used athletic center. 

The event took place at the Havenscourt-Lockwood campus, which houses five schools in Oakland.

The Clinton Academy hosted the massive cleanup, along with the Oakland Unified School District and the Oakland Public Education Fund.

President Clinton talked to the crowd about why the Clinton Global Academy organizes grass roots events, saying that such community efforts help to improve the lives of those who are underprivileged. 

But it wasn’t just the Clintons who cheered on students and volunteers.

Retired Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch and free agent quarterback Josh Johnson, both of whom are Oakland natives, smiled for photos and offered words of encouragement.

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