Questions Surround Cupertino Vallco Mall Demolition After Close Call

A wall that came crashing down during demolition of the old Vallco Mall in Cupertino was all part of the plan, developer Sand Hill Properties said.

Video from Thursday's demolition shows the facade of the mall crashing down on Wolf Road. Some witnesses said it was a scary moment.

On Friday, Sand Hill Properties provided the following statement:

"The wall came down and landed in the zone cleared for it. A safety vehicle was positioned adjacent to the fall area, and two lanes of traffic were shut down next to the established landing area. The wall was also tethered to control the fall."

The company went on to say other than dust and building material that escaped, the demolition took place inside the perimeter it had established.

Some neighbors said they are not too concerned about the demolition.

Meanwhile, the City of Cupertino said it is taking steps to better control the demolition activity. An inspector was on site Friday and working with the property owner's contractor.

Representative with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration were not called to the scene on Friday.

The company handling the demolition is Devon, which has 12 violations with OSHA since 2010 -- only one violation was deemed significant.

The property owner said it will continue to monitor the demolition to make sure the other structures are also brought down as planned.

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