CNET Millionaire Losing the Farm

Cofounder of San Francisco tech site losing Virginia estate

CNET cofounder Halsey Minor quite literally bet the farm on a hotel development in Virginia, and he may have lost.

A 205-acre estate in Albemarle County, Virgina that has been valued as high as $3.9 million was used by Minor as collateral on $7.5 million in loans, and at least one of the creditors is offering the property up in a foreclosure sale.

At least part of the money from those loans was invested in a Charlottesville, Virginia hotel development that's currently stalled thanks to the credit crunch and a tangled web of ongoing litigation.

Minor is believed to have made at least $355 million during the dotcom boom, based on the reported value of his CNET shares and other holdings. He and his San Francisco-based venture capital firm Minor Ventures earned part of a rumored $50 million when Google acquired online phone service GrandCentral, a startup he backed.

Minor, however, denies that the farm will be sold, telling Charlottesville weekly The Hook, "There will be no foreclosure."

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