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Coast Guard Group Holds Food Drive For Government Workers

An East Bay group connected with the U.S. Coast Guard pitched in Sunday to help those affected by the federal government shutdown.

The East Bay Coast Guard Spouses' Club helped sponsor a food drive in Alameda open to all active duty Coast Guard members, families and civilian employees furloughed due to the government shutdown. Local businesses and community members also helped with donations.

More than 200 families turned out, picking up everything from fresh fruit to diapers, and they said it really helps in these uncertain times.

Kyle Turcott, a mechanic with the Coast Guard, is still working but expects not to be paid next week due to the government shutdown. He came for supplies to make ends meet.

"As of right now, it looks like I'm not getting my 15th paycheck," Turcott said. "The situation we’re in it's bad because you see all these families that depend on this paycheck. I have two little ones and my wife, who doesn’t work. It's hard for single-income families."

Businesses such as Trader Joe's grocery outlet helped supply food and other grocery items. The hope is to alleviate some of the stress for these workers, who aren't sure when they'll see their next paycheck.

"I'm hoping it ends soon because everyone has bills to pay," Turcott said. "I got bills to pay, I got family helping out right now, helping to make ends meet. If need be, I will get a second job."

Organizers said they are in the process of starting up another food drive, and if needed, they may have another distribution at the end of next week.

For more information on donating, contact the East Bay Coast Guard Spouses Club at

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